Russian Voice-over Recording

Russian voice-over recording

Our voices can take your projects to a new level. We will happily provide voices for:

  • Radio imaging;
  • Audio and video commercials;
  • Films and presentations;
  • Museum audio guides;
  • Audiobooks;
  • Answering machines and IVR systems.

Who do we work with?

We only work with professional Russian voice artists with years of experience. Over 10 years of successful work in audio production, we have formed a team of real specialists able to manage the most challenging projects.
Texts recorded in a hurry almost always end up costing customers more because there is a far greater risk of making mistakes under the pressure of time. Will a voice artist who takes on a dozen orders a day grasp the true meaning of every text, check for the correct stress in disputable cases, clarify the context and seek to find the most accurate intonation? Remember, a professional always knows their worth. They do not strive to do more, they strive to do better. The main goal of a voice artist is not to simply read a text, but to convey the thoughts and messages contained in the text.

You can rely on our experience

We have heard many stories of people putting together their own creative projects and going to an experienced voice artist, but failing to receive what they had hoped for. This is often caused by an incorrect project brief — the customer makes a mistake in calculating the timing, doesn’t prepare the text properly, or doesn’t explain clearly how the script should be read. This results in texts being read out of time, or the delivery not meeting the expectations of the customer.

Here at TEXT&VOICE, before any text is sent to the recording studio, it is worked on by various members of staff. There are three stages in preparing a text for recording.

  1. A Manager reads the text and agrees on the project brief with the customer. The manager checks whether the text will fit into the required time slot or whether it will need to be edited.
  2. A Proofreader then checks whether the text has any grammatical or stylistic errors, places the correct stress on words in disputable cases and clarifies how abbreviations, telephone numbers and addresses, trademarks, names and surnames should be pronounced. If a text needs to be shortened, the proofreader will edit the longest sentences and send all changes to the customer for approval.
  3. Once the text has been approved, a Sound Engineer marks points of emphasis in the text and indicates the correct intonation, speed and dynamics to make it easier for the voice artist during the recording session.

All of these stages are necessary to minimize the chances of errors during recording and therefore eliminate the need for re-recording.

«Turnkey» voice recording

Most production studios simply offer their clients a recording of several takes in a row with mistakes and pauses. Apart from cutting, these recordings also need editing — to remove sighs, mouth clicks, «saliva pops» and other unwanted sounds. Most studios ask for an additional fee for this service, which may be the same price as the voice recording itself, or may even be more expensive.
At TEXT&VOICE we have a firm rule — the customer always receives a recording that has been properly edited and is completely ready to be cut.
Our prices are slightly higher than our competitors. However, when you order a voice recording with us, you receive three services — additional preparation and proofreading of a text, recording, and editing.

How long does recording take?

This of course depends on the length of the text and the project brief. In most cases, 1 page of text can be recorded in 24 hours. Recording a voice-over for a large presentation or a film could take 2–3 days.

How do I order a Russian voice-over?

  1. Choose a voice artist for your project.
  2. Send the text file to us at
  3. Indicate the timing required for the voice-over.
  4. Pay for the order upon receipt of a price quote from us.