Why is prooflistening necessary?

Audio files need to be checked against the original text in order to identify any errors or inaccuracies. We quickly and efficiently check the material and highlight any mistakes or parts where the audio differs from the original. This service is very popular with production studios and audiobook manufacturers.

What we check for:

  • Repeated or missing words;
  • Word order (sentences or paragraphs);
  • Correct punctuation (How to find us? or How to find us);
  • Unwanted sounds (mouth clicking, «saliva pops», plosives);
  • Background noise (a squeaky chair, rustling paper etc.);
  • Correct pronunciation (stress);
  • Clear articulation;
  • Pauses that are too long/too short.

How long does prooflistening take?

It all depends on the quality of the recorded material — the number of mistakes, pauses and repeats made during the recording process.

It will normally take about 1.5 hours to check one hour of material recorded by a professional voice artist or narrator.

How can I order prooflistening for an audio recording?

  1. Send the audio files (mp3, wma, wav) and text file (PDF or Word) to us at
  2. Let us know exactly what you would like us to check for, i.e. whether it matches the text; whether the pronunciation is correct; the clarity of articulation; background noise.
  3. Pay for the order after receiving a price quote from us.

When the work is complete, you will receive an Excel or PDF file with our comments.


If necessary, we can also provide you with an audio file with markers used by most audio editors.


We also offer sample prooflistening of up to 2 minutes of audio material free of charge.